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Industrial Cubic Sugar Molding Machine|Sugar Cube Forming Machine

The sugar cube maker machine mainly applies in the briquetting of sugar with cube shapes, the sugar has different specifications like 16*16*13mm, 6*16*15mm, 18*18*12 and so on.

This cube sugar maker machine is a kind of  equipment, which can realize automatically sending sugar, automatic forming technology, continuous briquetting. This equipment is mainly used for pressing square shape sugar, also for other various shapes. 16*16*13 mm and 18*18*15 mm and a variety of specifications. This production line is mainly used for sugar powder or sugar particles with water, such as sugar (sugar, red sugar) and chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, and other good liquidity granular or powder.

Cube Sugar Molding Machine

Note for Cube Sugar Molding Machine

1, Different raw material varies the production capacity;

2, According to different materials, cube sugar making machine is matched with mixing feeding machine, infrared drying oven, plate interlocking machine conveyor, cube sugar packaging machine, and other supporting machines, bring into line production.

Cube Sugar Forming Machine Manufacturing Process

Mix the refined sugar, which has crystal size and appropriate granularity, with a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution (or water), become the wet sugar with moisture content of 1.5-2.5%, then use cube sugar molding machine make into cubes, then through dryer to dry the moisture below 0.5%, pack cube sugar into bag or box after cooling.

Techinical Parameter of Cube Sugar Molding Machine


Equipment Name

Detailed Specification


Sugar Grinder Machine

Feed size:<5mm
Grinding fineness:12-150mesh
Motor power:2.2kw


Mixed Spiral Feeding Machine

Model: GG-SG
Function: mixing and automatic feeding
Motor power: 3.85kw
Discharge port from the ground: 1700mm
Dimension: 500*500*1650mm
Weight: 140kg


Sugar Making Machine

Model: GGF-60
PLC control, man-machine interface.


Tablet Linkage Conveyor

Model: GGS-2
Function: Linkage & Transmission
Efficiency: 0-10m3/min
Air pressure: 0.3-0.5Mpa
Dimension: 1300*700*1000mm
Weight: 60kg


Infrared Drying Tunnel

Model: GGH-3
Efficiency: 0-10m3/min
Power: AC380V50Hz 2KW*4
Dimension: 1900*700*1150mm
Weight: 90kg*4


Cooler Machine

Model: GGQ-1
Function: Cooling
Efficiency: 0-10m3/min
Dimension: 1900*700*700mm
Weight: 60kg


Semi-automatic Sugar Packing Machine

Model: GG-250
Feature: infinite speed variation
Rated voltage: 220V/380V 50-60Hz
Power: 2.2kw
Maximum pressure: 36(43)Kpa
Maximum degree of vacuum: 26(31)KPA
Table: customized
Chuck handle: 2 pcs
Dimension: 650*600*950mm
Weight: 75kg