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Automatic Peanut Chikki Production Line|Peanut Brittle Making Machine

The peanut brittle processing line consists of peanut roasting machine, sugar mixing machine, non-sticky mixer, peanut chikki forming machine.

Introduction of Peanut Brittle Processing Line

The peanut chikki making machine, also named peanut chikki making machine, consists of peanut roasting machine, sugar mixing machine, non-sticky mixer,  peanut chikki forming machine.


Advantages of Semi automatic Peanut Candy Making Machine

1, Automatic temperature control, rotary, heating, roasting, discharging for roaster;

2, The peanut peeling machine has the functions of automatic peeling,separating;

3, Automatic stirring type sugar melting pot can be used in food,chemical,medical etc industry for cooking or boiling; Whole machine is made of SUS 304 which can meet the standard of food hygiene completely;

4, The special non-sticky pot material is adopted for mixing machine, which can automatic rotary, sway and mixing;

5, Whole machine is made of SUS 304 material;

6, As to the peanut brittle forming and cutting machine;

7, Cutting and forming plates of machine can be customized;

8, Manual control and easy to operate;

9, The cutting blades are made of high quality material which not easy to wear-out.



Peanut Roaster

Size: 3000*5500*1700mm
Capacity: 500-650kg/h
Motor Power: 5.5kw

Peeling Machine

Power: 380V/220V,50Hz
Capacity: 800-1000kg/h
Size: 1200*1400*1200mm

Sugar Cooking Pot

Capacity: 100L
Pressure: 0.3 Mpa
Size: 1320*970*960mm

Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer

Capacity: 12-20kg/time
Power: 4.1 kw
Size: 800*1650*1600mm
Weight: 160 kg

Peanut Brittle Molding Cutting Machine

Capacity: 400-800 kg/h
Power: 3 kw
Size: 11800*1800*1200mm

Pillow type Packing Machine

Packing Speed: 40-230 bags/min
Power: 2.4 kw
Size: 3920*670*1320mm
Weight: 550 kg