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Stainless Steel Wheat Grain Washing Cleaning Machine

Seeds cleaning machine use water to clear the sand and dirt on the surface of the sesame seeds, then drying them.

Wheat cleaning machine is one of the main equipment for selecting wheat in the process of food processing. This equipment adopts water washing method of to eliminate sand and dirt on the surface of the wheat, good performance for removing impurities from wheat, the washed wheat into dry device for drying. This equipment is suitable for medium and small flour mills.


Installation and Notice for Grain Cleaning Equipment

1, Matters needing attention when turn on and off wheat washing machine, when booting, make sure idle running normal, and then open spray nozzle fro adding water, and the feed wheat, feed flow rate should be stable and even. Downtime, should first stop feeding, cutting off water, after discharging all the material, shut down the machine. 

2, Depending on the dry wet degree of wheat and soft and hard quality, particle size and other factors to adjust the washing process and water level in the sink, achieve the purpose of regulating water, under normal circumstances, high moisture wheat need short time washing, while low moisture wheat cleaning process should be longer. Water keeping above two-thirds of sending wheat dragon shaft centerline is suitable. 

3,Water consumption is generally 0.4 ~ 0.8 kg water for one kg wheat, but also can master wheat water consumption according to the pollution degree of wheat and water dirty degree.

4,During work, should regularly check the moisture content of wheat, sand content, broken rate, etc., if not conform to the requirements of process effect, should check wash process, water level, wheat flow, and shall be adjusted in time.

5, After finishing every shift, timely remove sand and light impurity. Drain discharge sewage should be filtered to prevent loss of useful wheat along with the water.

6, Regularly check the swash-plate, sieve surface of cylinder and bearing wear situation of each part, to change worn parts in time.





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