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Cashew Nut Cutting Machine

This cashew nut cutting machine is also suiatble for chopping peanuts, almond, macadamia nuts, 4 discharging mouth to achieve chopped nuts with different sizes. Want price, call to +8618595717505

Application of Cashew Nut Cutting Machine

The nuts cutting machine is mainly used for chopping cashew nuts, peanuts, beans, walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, and other nuts.

Cashew Nut Cutting Machine

Structure Principle of Cashew Nut Cutting Machine

The machine mainly consists of three parts, the transmission device, the cutter device and vibration device: 

Transmission device mainly consists of motor, chain conveyor shaft and belt, which is driven by motor drive chain drive shaft, drive belt conveyor, can adjust conveyor speed through frequency converter. The particle size of cashew nuts can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt.

The cutter is composed of motor, belt, driving shaft, turning arm, cutting tool holder and cutting tool: If the belt is found to have been cut during the use, the upper cover should be opened to adjust the clearance of the cutting tool and belt.

Precautions When Using Cashew Nuts Cutting Machine

Do not open the upper cover during use to avoid accidental injury. After connecting the power cord, the conveyor should be opened first.

Cashew Nut Cutter Machine

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Technical Parameter of Cashew Nut Cutting Machine





Finished   peanut particle






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