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Groundnut Roasting Machine

This groundnut roaster machine is suitable for roasting peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, seeds, and other nuts, drum rotating roasting, high efficiency. More details, mail to

Groundnut Roaster Machine

Groundnut roaster machine adopts the principle of heat conduction and thermal radiation, with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas as the heating source, far infrared radiation heating, equipped with intelligent electronic digital display temperature control device, which can automatically control the oven temperature, high and low temperature regulation at will, high automatic program, is professional baking equipment for roast blanched peanut, spiced peanuts, caoted peanuts and other food particles. 

Groundnut Roasting Machine

Now we all take a look at what are the key features of groundnut roasting machine?

Peanut roasting machine has beautiful shape, reasonable structure, with health, no pollution, temperature adjustable, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, baked food with low fat, low cholesterol baking machine. The whole machine structure is safe. A heat insulating layer, and baking machine improve the thermal efficiency, convenient use, convenient cleaning.

Peanuts baking machines has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high thermal efficiency, mobile convenience, easy maintenance, versatility, etc., quickly increase temperature more uniform heating, baking food color, smell, are welcome. Nuts roasting machine has simple structure, convenient use, convenient cleaning, suitable for all kinds of different temperature, different time need of baking.

The emergence of the groundnut roasting machine greatly enriched our life, which can be used for baking salted, salty crisp, spicy, peanut, chestnut, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, ginkgo and other granular materials.

Technical Parameter of Groundnut Roasting Machine




3000*1200*1700   mm


80-120 kg/h


1.1 kw

Electric   Power

18 kw

Gas Heating

2-3 kg


950 kg

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