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Double Drum Seeds Powder Roaster Machine

The double drum seeds roasting machine is a new type efficient and energy-saving oven, suitable for different kinds of nuts, seeds, beans roasting.

You can set the temperature at any time and then automatically adjust the temperature of baking.

Coriander seeds roaster machine

The double drum automatic seeds roasting machine is a new type of efficient and energy-saving oven with the advantages of more than 30 years of production experience of our factory, has the advantages of energy saving, healthy and convenient, and low operating cost, long service life, the baking quality meet the food hygiene standards.

This machine is mainly used in food processing industry, seeds, beans, nuts, boiled spicy peanut, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, etc to low moisture content.

Coriander seeds.jpg

New time control function of this automatic seeds roasting machine: Open the time controller. The controller is transferred to the time used for the baking material. When the material is baked in the oven to the set time, the alarm lamp alarms, and turn off the controller.






180-250 kg/h


2.2 kw

Electric Heating

35 kw

Gas Heating

3-6 kg

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