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Sugar Flour Coated Peanuts Production Line|Honey Coated Peanut Making Machine

This sugar coated peanut production line includes peanut roaster, peanut peeler, peanut coating machine, roaster oven, flavoring machine, cooling machine, etc.

This sugar coated peanut production line includes peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut coating machine, coated peanut roaster, peanut flavoring machine, cooling machine, etc. It is used for sugar coated peanut production continuously and high efficiently.

Coated Peanut Making Machine

Main equipments of Sugar Coated Peanut Production Line:

Peanut roaster: To roast the peanuts to a degree that the moisture is less than 5%

Peanut peeler: To peel the roasted peanuts, make the red skin separate from the peanut kernels

Coating machine: To mix the peanut kernels with sugar coatings, the coatings also can be chocolate, salt, or other additives.

Flavoring machine: To flavor the coated peanut, make it more delicious.

Cooling machine: To lower down the temperature of the products.

Features and Advantages of Flour Coated Production Line Equipment

1.For all machines of this peanut coating production line, all parts touched with the materials directly are made of stainless steel, so the quality of the products conform with the food hygiene standard.

2.This peanut coating production line realizes the continuous processing, and save labor, time and production cost.

3.This production line can also apply to the coating production of other foods, by changing the different coating, such as salt, chocolate, chili powder, or other ingredients, or replacing peanuts with soybeans, almonds, or other beans or nuts.

4.All machines of this coated peanut production line have good quality, they can perform stably, safely and continuously, they are easy for people to operate or maintain.

5.The coated peanuts produced by this production line are good of quality, beautiful of appearance, delicious of taste.



Peanut Roasting machine
(Gas heating)

Temperature: Normal
Capacity: 500--650kg/h
Power: 5.5kw/380V  /50HZ
Dimension: 5.5*3*1.7 m

Peanut peeler

Peeling performance: 96%
Voltage: 380V/220V/50hz
Capacity: 500kg/h

Coating machine

Capacity: 120kg/h
power: 0.75kw

Particle swing roasting machine

Electrical heating power:20kw
Capacity: 150-200kg/h

Flavoring machine

Capacity: 250kg/h

Cooling machine

Dimension: 6*0.8*1.2m

Granule Packing Machine

Measure Range:10-120g/bag.
Bag Size:L:50-160  
W: 30-130
Capacity:30-60 bags/minutes