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Almond Cracking Shelling Peeling Equipment|Hazelnut Cracker Equipment

The almond cracking shelling production line is suitable for large production line, hulling clean, high complete rate, easy to clean.

Production Process Flow of Almond Shelling Equipment

The shell production line is suitable for large production line, hulling clean, high complete rate, easy to clean. This shelling processing equipment is a ideal choice for large shelling processing enterprises to improve efficiency, reduce cost.

1, The almond or hazelnut through the elevator into the screening machine, and then nuts are separated into small, medium and large three levels, through diving hopper respectively into three almond hulling machine.

2, Almond hulling machine: The shelling clearance of huller is adjusted to corresponding size according to the size of raw material almond, achieve nut shell clean and complete, shell and kernel respectively into three almond shell kernel separator.

3, Almond shell and kernel separator separate almond shell and kernel, a mouth discharge almond kernel, another mouth discharges almond shell.


Our company has strong research and development strength, strict management system, advanced production technology, perfect products and superb after-sales service, win our leading position in nuts, soft fruit peeler and huller machinery in the domestic market. Our almond processing equipment has exported to Europe, United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


Dimension: 600*600*6500mm
Power: 0.75kw/ 380v-50hz

Grading Screening Machine

Three level
Dimension: 3500*1100*2000 mm
Material: Carbon steel  
Power: 1.5kw/380v/50hz

Dividing Hopper

Dimension: 2000*700*1300 mm

Shelling Machine

Dimension: 3500*900*1300 mm
Power: 3kw/380v/50hz

Shell Separator  Machine

Dimension: 3200*900*1600 mm
Power: 3kw/380v/50hz   

Picking Belt

Dimension: 6000*900*800 mm
Power: 1.1kw/380v/50hz