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Buckwheat Shelling Machine

This buckwheat sheller machine, also named buckwheat hulling machine, is ideal equipment for shelling buckwheat, pine nuts, high husking rate. If you want video and price, email to

Buckwheat shelling machine is a patented product developed by our company. It is also the most widely used and the best buckwheat sheller in the world. In the same time, it can separate the shell automatically from the kernel, and can separate the debris from the rice, and ensure that the shell is intact. This machine has the characteristics of simple operation, high rice yield, high degree of automation, and clean shell and rice.

Buckwheat Hulling Machine

The sheller adopts the mediable design, which can change the clearance of the sand wheel according to the material situation and achieve the ideal peeling effect. The screen is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate and durable. The ball design below reduces the paste hole phenomenon. The use of vibrating negative pressure separator and screw feeder facilitates the collection of leather and reduces the production of dust. Vibration generator is used in the whole equipment, and the installation is convenient and quick without foundation.

Video of Buckwheat Shelling Machine

Techinical Parameter of Buckwheat Shelling Machine




16.24 kw


150 kg/h




4.2 m


2.2 ton

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