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Hemp Seed Dehulling Machine Equipment

This hemp seed dehulling machine is suitable for shelling hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, high shelling rate, unshelled hemp seeds will be shelled again. More price information, email to

The hemp seed dehulling machine is independent intellectual property rights of patented products by GELGOOG company, including several national patents, its technology and performance have been a world leading level, are exported to more than 20 countries in the world, such as the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Iran, etc., well received by customers generally.

Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

The hemp seed processing equipment consists of two parts, cleaning grading unit and shelling separating unit.

Cleaning grading unit can process pumpkin seeds, watermelon seed, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and other seeds by removing various impurities, then put the seeds by size is divided into seven levels for hulling sorting.

Hulling separation unit process the graded seeds by hulling, shelling, sorting, and the unshelled hemp seeds will be automatically return sheller for hulling again, until shelling clean. Because of first classification, the separation of the shell is very good and efficient.

Hemp Seed Processing Machine

Product Specification of Hemp Seed Processing Equipment

1. Cleaning and grading unit

Power: 5.71 kw

Output: 600-800kg/h

Cover area: 15.5 meters*2.8 meters

Installation height: 2.32 meters

2. Shelling Separating Machine

Power: 5.74 kw

Yield: 125-300kg/hour

Whole kernel rate: more than 95% (one half of the whole kernel is broken)

Shelled Seeds containing seeds: less than 2%

Seed kernel in the skin: less than 0.3%

Cover area: 5.2 meters by 2.8 meters

Installation height: 3.4 m

Operator: 2-3 people

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