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Sunflower Seeds Dehuller Machine

This dunlower seeds dehuller machine is used for shelling sunflower seeds and hemp seeds with high shelling rate, easy operation and high automation. Price information. email to

The improved sunflower seeds dehuller machine is used to improve the shelling effect. The screen is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate and durable. The ball design below reduces the paste hole phenomenon. Lengthening and widening of the screen make the kernels more thorough. Vibration generator is used in the whole equipment, and the installation is convenient and quick without foundation.

Sunflower Seeds Dehuller Machine

Advantages Of Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine

Sunflower seeds dehuller machine is my company independent intellectual property rights patented products, including three national patents, can realize sunflower seeds, hemp seeds husk shelling, peeling and sorting.

Features of Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine

1. Wet shelling method is adopted

2. Through the improvement of the original hulling machine, the shell efficiency is higher and the crack rate of nut is lower.

3. The application of the circulating for unshelling, i.e. the unshelled kernels automatically enter the next shelling cycle.

4. In the collection and treatment of shell, it adopts vibration negative pressure separation to replace the blowing method and reduces the production of dust.

5. The selection screen and the size of the sieve are added to make the kernel adequately sift and reduce the fragmentation caused by the return of the kernels.

6. At the same time, we can process different sizes of sunflower seeds by changing the sorting sieve section.

7. The structure is compact, low dissipation and easy operation and maintenance.

Sunflower Seeds Dehuler

Techinical Parameter of Suinflower Seeds Dehuller Machine


Cleaning Grading Machine

Shelling Separating Machine


5.71 kw

5.74 kw


600-800 kg/h

125-300 kg/h


15.5*2.8 m

5.2*2.8 m






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