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Pizza Cone Machine

This pizza cone making machine can produce 40 pizza cones per time, size of pizza cones can be customzied. We also provide 60 moulds pizza cone maker. Want price, email to

40 mould pizza cone machine is a kind of commercial pizza cone forming machine, is a machine that specializes in hand-held pizza crusts (ie, pizza cones) to make the delicious pizza cones. This product uses aluminum alloy mold, the appearance is simple and generous, with food-grade pizza cone mold, insulation material to prevent mold sticking cone. According to different formulations pizza cone production, adjust upper and lower mold temperature, whole automatic operation, one-time production of 40 cone.

Pizz Cone Making Machine

The pizza cone making machine is equipped with automatic alarm device, product quality is stable, through the CE and ISO: 9001-2008 and other international standards certification, safe and reliable, widely applicable in restaurants, cones pizza shop, pizza buffet, pastry rooms, amusement park takeaway, and other major food and beverage industry.

Factory direct selling pizza cone making machine, easy to operate, free to teach you learn this machine to remove your worries, the purchase of this machine can be free to enjoy the factory to provide technical support for long-term tracking service and a variety of taste recipe information. Welcome new and old customers to plant field trips to the factory free trial operation.

Pizza Cone Machine

Features of Pizza Cone Machine

• Novel design, reasonable structure, all stainless steel, durable, simple operation, push-button control;

• Adjustable temperature to ensure sweet pizza cone appearance and complete molding;

• The ability to produce 40 cones at a time, perfect device for making pizza cones and is a must-have for casual fast food restaurants in major restaurants, tea shops and cafes.

Technical Parameter of 40 Mould Pizza Cone Machine





Pizza Cone Size

Height12cm*dia.5cm*Thickness 5mm

Baking time


Material of Machine

Cast Iron Mould, Machine covered with carbon plate and stainless steel plate







Packing Size


Gross Weight


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