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Soft Ice Cream Cone Making Machine|Commercial Wafer Cone Production Line

This ice cream soft cone machine is good machine for making wafer ice cream cone, with factory price and low energy consumption.

Commercial ice cream cone machine processing methods: 

1, (The power cord must be safety ground) Connect power supply, open the temperature control switch, preheat about 3 minutes. 

2, Open the upper die, according to the forming product, pour into right amount batter into the template.

3, Close upper die and lock, each mold heating 1 to 2 minutes.

Wafer Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

Attention when using this soft ice cream cone machine: 

1, The formula should be adjusted according to the different products and raw materials. 

2, The machine working temperature is about 180 - 220 degree centigrade, the operators must wear gloves. Should avoid direct contact with the mould in order to avoid scald, baking temperature and time should be determined according to the product. 

3, The machine should be reliable grounding line, in order to avoid electric shock. 

4, First should check whether the body shell leakage after the power supply wiring, found that the leakage should immediately check the power supply, work again after troubleshooting.



Transimission power


Heating power


Thickness of material