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Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

This automatic ice cream cone making machine can produce different size of ice cream cones, just tellus your reuqirment for prodution capaicty and size of ice cream cone you want to maker. More details,

The automatic ice cream cone making machine is used to produce sugar cone for the next process for pouring ice cream for the next procedure. Firstly, place the mixed batter on the baking sheet and bake it into a crisp sheet and automatically roll it into a cone shape, and then shape, discharging and collecting. It is the main equipment of ice cream cone production line, with superior performance, reach international similar product level.

Ice Cream Cone Production Line.jpg

The normal size of ice cream cones is 4.8, 5.5, 6.5CM, and the height is 15cm. We can also customize the machine with different specifications according to your requirements.

Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

Ice Cream Cone Production Line

Ice Cream Cone Machine

Techinical Parameter of Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machine



Drive motor

380V 1.5KW

Gas consumption

4-5 kg/h

Producing capacity

3000-4000 pcs/h

Machine measurement  

6500*1800*1750 mm

Total weight


GELGOOG specializes in the production of various types of ice cream cone machines, pizza cone machine, is the nation's largest ice cream cones manufacturing factory, products in addition to the supply of the domestic market but also exported overseas. For the purpose of meeting user requirements to promote new products, new technology, to catch up with first-class standard as own duty, is the collection of scientific research, design, manufacture, specialized ice cream cones machine manufacturers.

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