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Continuous Peanut Fryer|Pork Skin Frying Machine

This continuous fryer machine is ideal equipment for frying peanuts, pork skin, green peas, broad beans, cashew nuts, chin chin, banana chips, French fries, etc. More details, email to

Continuous Peanut Fryer

Continuous peanut fryer machine is made of pure stainless steel. Use dual-mesh belt for food delivery, the upper and lower mesh belt with frequency. Users can adjust the speed of the mesh belt according to the difference kinds of fried food, raise the temperature fast, and high production efficiency. Set electric lifting system to facilitate the workers to clean and maintain the body easily. In addition there are automatic smoke exhaust system and constant temperature continuous production system to ensure that workers have a good working environment to avoid the smoldering while ensuring that the food fried at the same temperature, so that the fried food taste more crisp.

Continuous Pork Skin Frying Machine

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