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Frozen French Fries Machine

This frozen french fries making machine have several different models for selection, from 100 to 1000 kg per hour, high automation, easy operation. More information, call +86 18595717505.

Our factory has produce Frozen french fries machine has a history of nearly 10 years, professional and reliable in frying equipment, welcome new and old customer to consult and visit our factory! Service hotline: +86 18595717505, Email:

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After years of research and improvement, our company has developed a new process for Frozen French fries:

Raw material -- Pre cleaning -- Washing Peeling - Cutting potato into French fries -- Rinsing --, Blanching -- Drying the water - Continuous frying -- Removing excess oil - Cooling - Packing into bags.

Production capacity of frozen French fries machine:  from 100-1000kg per hour (And this is for finished French fries production)

Available energy for whole line: Electricity, natural gas, diesel oil, thermal conductivity furnace

The whole Frozen French fries production line is made of SUS304 stainless steel, fully automatic production, no need for special operation, workers without manufacturing experience can also operate this production line. The whole equipment can increase the precleaning and desilding process, and the roller cleaning can be added to improve the quality of the products.

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Now we're going to talk a little bit about frying machine: This machine is used in Fried nuts, puffing, meat and other foods, such as peanuts, beans, hazelnuts, crispy rice, polished glutinous rice, open smile, fish and chicken, etc., is the most ideal equipment production of Fried food.

Frozen French Fries Production Video:

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