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Frozen French Fries Production Line

The Frozen French fries production line equipment is easy to operate, with high output, the shape is good, size of French fries can be adjusted freely. More details, email to

Frozen French Fries Production Line

Frozen French fries production line is main equipment for making French fries, its main equipment includes pre-cleaning machine, conveyor, washing peeling machine, French fries cutting machine, rinsing machine, blanching machine, water removing machine, continuous frying machine, vibration deoiling machine, seasoning machine and packaging conveyor belt. General process flow from  raw materials, cleaning, peeling, rinsing, blanching, water drying, frying, oil removing, cooling, packaging.

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Here we're going to talk about some technical points of Frozen French Fries Making Machine:

1. Raw material choosing: Choose high dry matter content of fresh potato, requirement breed, regular shape, no mildew rot, no germination, between 50-70 mm in diameter.

2. Cleaning: Use brush roller cleaning machine, remove mud stone and other sundries in the raw materials.

3. Washing peeling: Apply mechanical friction to the skin, 30 to 40kg in a single feeding, and the skin peeling time is determined according to the freshness of raw materials, usually 3-8min. Peel the potatoes and ask to remove the skin. The skin peeling time should not be too long, to avoid excessive peeling, lead to material loss rate.

4. Trim: Remove the inedible parts from the raw potatoes, and modify the irregular raw materials.

5. Cutting: Peeled potatoes are sent to the potato cutter machine in turn, the feed speed is uniform. 6. Rinsing: The cut French fries need to be immersed in water to rinse, lest the french fries are exposed to the air oxidation Browning, wash free starch on the surface of the French fries at the same time, prevent starch soluble oil, affect the service life of frying oil.

7. Blanching: Liquid temperature control between 80-100 ℃, to destroy the enzyme activity, also improve the structure of the structure. General blanching time is 1-2min. Add a few additives to the color lotion.

8. Water removing: Through vibration to remove the surface moisture, so as not to increase the frying time and increase the oil content of the finished product.

9. Frying: Oil temperature control between 180-200 ℃, the material must be through the fryer within 2 min. The palm oil is used for frying oil, and it has good stability, long service life, good crisp performance, etc., especially for frying oil.

10. Deoiling: After frying, French fries through vibration deoiling machine removes the surface residual oil, it can extend the shelf life of the product.

11. Seasoning: After the flavoring, French fries are made into various deep-fried French fries. 

12. Cooling: After the Fried French fries to cool to room temperature, can be packed.

13. Weighing packaging: The product must be packed in quantity and the net content error is less than 10%.

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