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Almond Blanching Machine

Almond Blanching Machine

This almond blanching machine is used to blanch almond, peanuts, French fries, banana chips, fruit and vegetable, etc, can match with almond peeling machine.

Almond blanching machine is ideal for deep processing almonds, usually match with almond peeling machine, and this machine is also idela equipment for fruit and vegetable processing in color process protection, the machine has a fast fixing, aprotinin protecting color timely dehydration cooling, the characteristics of a complete, make fruits and vegetables to maintain the original natural color.

Almond Blanching Machine

This almond blanching machine can stop the activity of the enzyme in fruits and vegetables to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and unique color, odor and distribute green vegetable flavor retention, enhance the flexibility of the cell, which will help water evaporation, dewatering and drying for the next step technological requirements to lay a good foundation. Mainly used for fruit, root vegetables and carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, fruit chips and other products of blanching fixing, is frozen, dehydrated, freeze-dried and other essential pre-processing equipment.

Almond Blanching Machine Price

Features of Almond Blanching Machine

1.This blanching machine is widely used in for vegetable fixing, prophase processing of potato chips, potato chips color care, peeling of chicken feet and cooked food.

2. The blanching machine could be used to process any vegetable & fruit, such as mushroom, spinach, chicken feet.

2.Full-automatic digital control, automatic temperaturecontrol, double insulation, easy operation, 

fast heating and full stainless steel material.

3. The blanching machine is popular in the world market, can be used for cleaning, disinfection,

rinsing and sterilization.

Technical Parameter of Almond Blancher Machine






240 kg


48 kw

Oil Capacity

200 kg/h

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