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Industial Fruit and Vegteable Washing Drying Machine Plant

This fruit and vegetable washing drying machine uses air bubble washing principle, can clean fruit and vegetable thoroughly.

Vegetable Processing Line(500-1000kg/h)

Vegetable cleaning drying line runs smoothly, wash fruit and vegetable by high pressure spray cleaning, according to the requirements of material adopts overturn air drying or  parallel air drying, remove the surface water droplets, prepare for food processing.

Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

Vegetable cleaning machine mainly adopts the principle of air bubble, through fan reaction to produce bubbles of the water in the tank, simulating the manual cleaning, so as to achieve the requirement of the cleaning of fruits and vegetables. Can be used to wash, desalt, cool, etc. The machine has strong cleaning ability, covering an small area, does not damage the skin, the whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel material, conform to the state of the export of food hygiene requirements.

Vegetables cleaning drying line mainly has elevator, air bubble cleaning machine, cleaning machine, cutting machine, blanching machine, cooling machine, drying machine, dewatering machine, dryer and other equipment, the applicable scope is very wide, GELGOOG Machinery provide perfect pre-sale and after sale service in the integration of perfect service, welcome you to visit GELGOOG Machinery.

Vegetable cleaning air drying production line is mainly used for oranges, big jujube, figs, strawberries, apples, pears and other cleaning and dry processing, production of fruit be delivered to dining room, supermarket, office canteen, canteen for children, logistics distribution, vegetable distribution, hotels and so on.

Vegetable cleaning air drying line has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, water can be recycled, the machine in addition to the motor and standard parts, all use sus 304 stainless steel production.



Main Parameters


Automatic Vegetable Cutting Machine

2.Capacity: 300~1000KG/h 3.Voltage: 220V or 380V
4.Power: (three motors) 1HP+1HP+1/2HP
5.Net Weight: 135KG
6.Dimension: 1170x560x1260mm


Elevator Machine

Voltage:380v/50hz,three phase
Dimension:1500*800*1300 mm


Bubble Type Vegetable Washing Machine


4.Raw Material:Stainless Steel 304
5.Voltage:380v /50hz



Vegetable Blanching Machine

Voltage:380v/50hz,three phase


Air Drying Machine

2.Voltage:380v/50hz,three phase
4.Stainless Steel 304