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Commercial Plantain Chips Slicer

This commercial plantain slicer machine is also suitable for cutting kiwi fruit, carrot, lemon, cucumber, onion, banana, apple, etc, cutting thickness is adjustable. More details,

Introduction of Plantain Chips Slicer Machine

This machine is multifunction fruit and vegetables slicer machine, which can cut fruit vegatable into slices with uniform thickness. This slicer machine is suitable for almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables, like banana, lemon, apple, carrot, lotus root, ect. 

Commercial Plantain Chips Slicer

Features of Commercial Plantain Slicer Machine

1. Made of stainless steel, healthy and safe;

2. The cutting surface is smooth and even, thickness can be adjustable;

3. Easy to operate and high efficiency;

4. Regular supply feed hole size Ø76,Ø63,Ø51,Ø38 each 2 pieces holes or customized as customers’ requirement.

5. Size of feeding port can be customized as customers’ requirement, usually four fedding inlet.

6. The slicing is in perfect round shape, and the thickness is adjustable from 2-8mm

Final Product of Stainless Steel Plantain Chips Slicer

Plantain Chips Slicer

Video of Plantain Slicer Machine

Technical Parameter of Plantain Slicer Machine






100 kg


600-800 kg/h



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