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Automatic Peanut Fryer Machine

Automatic peanut fryer machine, a kind of continuous frying machine, uses advanced oil and water mixing technology,suitable for frying peanuts, broad beans, pork skin. More price information, email to

Automatic peanut fryer machine uses advanced oil and water mixing technology, frequency conversion speed adjustment. The residue of the Fried product sinks into the water under the tank. Drain valve can be discharged with water. At the same time, a large amount of cooking oil in the residue is separated by oil and water and returned to the oil layer. Prolong the use cycle of oil, reduce oil consumption, make the Fried product color, aroma, taste beautiful. This continuous fryer machine is suitable for short and high quality food. This machine is especially suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Automatic Peanut Frying Machine

Features of Automatic Peanut Fryer Machine

1, The machine is suitable for Fried time within 15 seconds - 8 minutes of user needs, through technical processing, the machine can be suitable for different kinds of energy, in order to meet the different requirements of users, this machine is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise to use. 2. The frying machine sets up the system to lift the conveyor to the appropriate height, which makes the cleaning of the machine very convenient.

3, A lot of cooking oil contained in the residue after oil-water separation return oil layer, in this way, both greatly extend the life span of the oil, reduce the oil consumption, oil-saving effect is very obvious, and making better Fried product color, flavor and appearance more beautiful.

4, Autmatic peanut fryer machine adopts international advanced technology of oil-water mixture, frequency control of motor speed, during frying process, Fried oil residue into the water below, and can be put out with water through the drain valve.

Automatic Peanut Fryer Machine

Techinical Parameter of Continuous Peanut Fryer:

300 kg/h
800 kg
120 kw
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