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Banana Chips Frying Machine

This banana chips frying machine is an important part for plantain chips production line, can be made gas or electric heaing, production capacity can be customized. More details, email to

Banana Chips Frying Machine

Fully automatic banana chips frying machine introduction

1. The frying machine is made up of mesh belt conveyor system, mesh belt hoisting system, heating system, circulating system pot and scraping system.

2. The frying machine heats the cooking oil by heating tubes. The conveyor system with automatic conveyor system is passed from the tank, which means that the food is Fried and processed.

3. The mesh belt conveyor system adopts the variable frequency speed regulating motor to drive the network belt, and the speed of the mesh belt can control the frying time arbitrarily.

4. The machine USES double mesh belt transmission, the food was sandwiched between the double mesh belt, can make thoroughly and Fried food won't float, but by adjusting the distance between the net belt can adapt to different products.

5. The mesh belt lifting system adopts the electric drive, rises more easily, and can automatically locate, making the cleaning of oil tank and mesh belt more convenient.

6. The discharging mesh belt is made of stainless steel plate chain and the pressing belt is made of stainless steel.

Banana Chips Fryer Machine

Applicable Scope of Automatic Banana Chips Frying Machine

Beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; Puffed food such as rice crust and potato chips; Rice strips, chin chin, ghana chips, rusk, cat ears, caramel treats, dough twist and other products; Meat products such as meat and chicken legs, pork cracklings, chicken nuggets; Yellow croaker, fish, shrimp and other aquatic products; Bean curd, tofu, etc

Techinical Parameter of Banana Chips Fryer




300 kg/h




800 kg


120 kw

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