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Continuous Namkeen Chips Frying Machine|Electric Corn Chips Fryer Machine

This continuous corn chips adopts oil water mixture technology, ideal equipment for frying pellet chips, namkeen, etc.

Automatic continuous namkeen fryer machine features: 

1. Mesh belt uses stainless steel material, uses frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Frying time is adjustable. 

2. Equipped with automatic lifting system, upper cover body and mesh belt can be lifted, convenient for manual cleaning. 

3. Set automatic discharge system, which can discharge the produced residues at any time. 

4. Internal equipment is equipped with efficient thermal conductive device, high energy using efficiency. 

5. Use electricity, coal or natural gas as heating method, the whole machine USES the food grade 304 stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean. 

6. Dynamic circulation system, filter oil residue in the process of production, reduce the acid degree of oil, prolong the service life of cooking oil. 

7. Adopts the upper and lower double mesh belt transmission, the product was sandwiched between the double mesh belt, avoid products floating. 

8. Automatic drain oil system, fried food with low oil content, improves products taste.

Continuous Namkeen Fryer Machine

Continuous pellet chips frying machine production principle

Continuous food frying machine adopts two cans, deoiling ensure absolutely without oil return, lower oil, moisture content. Frying, deoiling, dewatering, oil filter integration design. Adopt double mesh belt conveying food, with frequency conversion. Users can adjust the transmission speed of mesh belt according to different kinds of Fried food, equipped with high efficient burner, heating quickly, high production efficiency. Set the electric lift system to facilitate workers for cleaning and maintaining the machine. And automatic exhaust system and constant temperature continuous production system to ensure workers have a good work environment to avoid smoky, ensures the uniform temperature of the fried food at the same time, so as to produce crispy taste of Fried foods.

Technical Parameter of Continuous Namkeen Fryer




300 kg/h




800 kg


120 kw