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Prawn Crackers Making Machine

This automatic prawn cracker making machine can produce shrimp cracker with different specifications. And the production capacity can be customized. More details, email to

Prawn crackers making machine is designed and developed absorbing foreign advanced technology, its technical performance and quality indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar equipment. The prawn cracker production line can be completed in one time from ingredients, extruding, baking, frying, spraying and seasoning.

Prawn Cracker Making Machine

Our company provides one-stop service, such as plant construction, raw material purchase, product formulation, product testing, equipment installation, production guidance, etc. According to this market demand, the company has developed and developed many types of food production lines. According to different production lines, the production line has many configurations to meet the needs of different customers. Its operation performance, product quality and technological taste have reached the advanced level of the industry. The production line is simple and easy to understand.

Due to different equipment model/size/product attributes, no transaction price is made. The online quotation is for reference only. Please contact us for details on the specific configuration and price.

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