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Automatic Fried Banana Chips Production Line|Plantain Chips Processing Plant

This banana chips production line can be made in automatic or semi automatic type, used to process plantain into uniform banana chips.

A complete automatic banana chips production line includes the following processing steps: 

Banana peeling -- Plantain slicing -- Banana slices blanching -- Banana slices frying -- Banana chips de-oiling -- Banana chips seasoning -- Banana chips packing.

Banana Chips Production Line

Main Machine of Automatic Banana Chips Processing Plant

1. Banana slicing machine: It is used for slicing bananas. Thickness of the banana slices can be adjusted.

2. Banana washing machine: In order to wash the starch on the surface of banana slices, the banana slices can separated from each other.

3. Banana slice blanching machine: The function of this banana slice blanching machine is to sterilize banana slices and ensure their brightness and crispy.

4. Dewatering machine: It adopts centrifugal principle to remove the water of the banana slices in an efficient way. This step is prepared for the frying part, which shortens the frying time and perfects the taste of the plantain chips.

5. Frying machine: The frying machine adopts oil-water mixing technology, so the sediment can be cleaned easily. Besides, please notice that the frying oil should be pure edible oil and the temperature be180℃. 

6. De-oiling machine: reduce the oil content and make them more tasty.

banana chips

7. Seasoning machine: The purpose of this machine is to season the fried plantain chips evenly, which makes them more fantastic tasty. 

8. Manual picking line: Workers can pick up the damaged or coarse plantain chips from the good ones, which are used for packaging. It ensures the qualities of the packed plantain chips.

9. Vacuum packing machine: The vacuum packing machine is suitable for packing food on a large scale, which improves the packing efficiency and saves a lot of time.



Plantain Chips Cutting Machine



Banana Slicing Machine

Size: 650*550*900mm


Blanching Machine

Power: 9kw/380v-3
Weight: 80kg
Size: 1200*700*950mm


De-water Machine

Weight: 300kg
Size: 900*500*800mm


Fryer Machine

Power: 12kw/380v-3    
Weight: 80kg
Size: 1200*700*950mm


De-oil Machine

1.1kw,  380v-3   300kg,

Flavoring Machine

Weight: 150kg
Size: 1100*800*1300mm

Vacuum Packing Machine

Power: 1.5kw,380v-3
Weight: 80kg
Size: 1200*600*950mm