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Automatic Potato Cutting Machine

This automatic potato cutting machine is ideal equipment for cutting potatoes, carrots, cucumber, cassave, can cut into strips or slices. More infromation, email to

Automatic potato cutting machine is new equipment through long-term production experience of our factory, it is easier for workers to operate, adjustable thickness, low breakage rate, reduce labor intensity, improve the production.

Potato Cutting Machine

Usage of Potato Cutting Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting strips or slices of potato or other hard vegetables. It is an ideal processing equipment for making fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the vegetable processing industry. It is also an ideal machine for processing French fries in the fast food industry, necessage in Frozen French fries machine.

Features of Potato Cutting Machine

This machine adopts the feeding trough of rotary dial. The inclined distribution of the knife, the arc inclined blade of the knife cutting. It has the characteristics of good cutting quality, high cutting efficiency, easy operation and low energy consumption. The contact parts of vegetables are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, which are in line with the hygiene standards of food processing machinery.

Potato Cutter Machine

Structural Characteristics of Potato Cutter Machine

It is mainly composed of frame, shell, dial plate, cutter, transmission part, and discharging cover.

Working principle of Automatic Potato Cutting Machine

Work will be potato material into the hopper, composed of rotary dial plate materials of groove guide material rotate along the shell wall, installed on the shell wall of the cutter cut vegetables into strips, cut chips from discharging cover. It can be used with potato washing machine, potato chips frying machine, dehydrating machine, deoiling machine, blanching machine, filling machine, and other equipment.

Technical Parameter of Automatic Potato Cutting Machine:




1.1 kw


110 kg






600 kg/h

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