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Commercial Banana Chips Slicer Cutting Machine|Kerepek Pisang Making Machine

This banana slicer machine is suitable for cutting banana, kiwi fruit, apple, mushroom into slices with uniform thickness.

Introduction of Banana Chips Slicer Machine

This slicing machine, also named Kerepek pisang machine, is mainly used for cutting during the processing of fruit and vegetables, suitable for processing potato, lotus root, apple, pear, big radish, cucumber, taro biopsy stem, root, kiwi, and fruit and vegetables. Product sliced by this cutter cutting has tidy shape, uniform thickness, yield of 99%, meet the demand of export products processing. Equipment structure is reasonable, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, is ideal equipment for food export processing enterprises, frozen vegetable processing enterprises, the supermarket hotel to process kinds of fruit, vegetables. Completely replace the bitter and tired of manual work. The machine is with high efficiency, easy to use, dozens of times compared to the efficiency of the artificial, really saving work time.

Banana Chips Slicer Machine

Function of Multifunctional Banana Chips Cutter Machine

1. Slice banana into round pieces.

2. Thickness of slices can be adjusted.

3. Easy operation saves time and labor.

4. High slicing efficience and high quality.

5. Suitable for various round shape fruits and vegetables.

6. Compact design makes it suitable in banana chips production line.

Technical Parameter of Banana Slicer Machine






100 kg


600-800 kg/h