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Fully Automatic Crispy Potato Chips Production Line

This automatic potato chips production line can produce potato chips and plantain chips,and the output can be customized.

The fully automatic potato chips making machine is used to process potatoes into delicious potato chips. The production line is improved based on the essence of the similar equipments, and integrating advantages of the similar plants. Besides, according to the feedbacks from our customers, our company have done much improvement on the technology of the whole potato chips making machinery.

Potato Chips Machine for Sale

Features of Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine

The automatic crispy chips processing line consists of 8 main machines:

1. Potato washing and peeling machine: This machine can realize washing and peeling at the same time, suitable for processing potatoes, carrots, cassava and other root vegetables.

2. Potato slicer machine: This slicer is used for slicing potatoes into uniform slices, also suitable for cutting bananas, kiwi fruit, apple, etc.

3. Potato slices blanching machine: After blanching, potato slices keeps the attractive color, also ensure the potato chip brightness and crispy taste.

4. Potato dewatering machine: This machine adopts centrifugal principle to remove surface water, which shortens the frying time and perfects the taste of the potato chips.

5. Potato chips fryer machine: Adopts oil-water mixing technology, prolong the service life of oil and reduce the cost.

6. De-oiling machine: This deoiler is used to remove the extra oil of fried food, ensure the delicious taste of potato chips.

7. Potato chips flavoring machine: This machine is used for seasoning different flavors of the fried potato chips.

8. Potato chips packing machine: Packing machine improves the packing efficiency and saves a lot of time.

Technical of Crispy Potato Chips Production Line




Plantain Chips Cutting Machine(2sets)

Weight: 100kg,  
Size: 650*550*900mm


Blanching Machine(2sets)

Size: 2200*700*900mm
Capacity: 500kg/h


De-watering Machine

Size: 1200*700*900mm


Gas Fryer Machine

Weight: 780kg, 2000*2000*1700mm 


De-oiling Machine

Power: 2.2kw/380v-3/220v-3   
Weight: 480kg
Size: 1200*700*900mm
Capacity: 800kg/h


Seasoning Machine

Power: 1.5kw/380v-3/220v-3  
Weight: 180KG
Size: 1200*1000*1400mm


Vacuum Packing Machine(2 sets)

Power: 1.5kw/380v-3/220v-3   
Weight: 380kg
Size: 1200*700*900mm