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Almond Shelling Machine Sold To India
Sep 07, 2018

Congratulations to our almond shelling machine sold to India
India has a particularly high demand for almonds. In 2015-2016, India imported 126 million pounds of American almonds, ranking third after China and Spain, but between August 2016 and February 2017, India has already Imported 120 million pounds of almonds, a year-on-year increase of 59%, India became the largest importer of American almonds.


This year, the Indian almond market continues to grow, and the number of imports is expected to rise further. It is estimated that the Indian market demand can reach 166 million pounds.
Many people in India have their own almond manufacturing plants. This time our guest is also has his own almond processing plant, which mainly exports a variety of almond products. This time he came to our company to buy a new almond shelling machine. He learned about our company from a friend, so he came to our company to inspect. Our almond shelling machine is just right for his production requirements. So after a few days of thinking, he gave us a purchase contract.

Our almond shelling machine has many advantages,now let me introduce you some advantages of the machine.
1.After a long period of research and development and practice, our machine is the most advanced almond sheller. The shelled almond has a smooth, scratch-free appearance and no cracks inside.
2.The machine's working efficiency is particularly high to ensure that the raw materials are broken, the shell is easily removed, the core is not damaged, and the damage rate is low.
3.The quality of the almond shelling machine is very good, suitable for all sizes of almonds.
4.The almond shelling machine can directly peel fresh almonds without drying in advance, and the output can reach 400 kg per hour.
5.The machine is small in size and small in space, that is, it can be produced independently or in a production line.

For now, India's current almond manufacturing industry is very hot. If you want to start or have already set up your own almond processing plant, this almond shelling machine is essential. And our company as a professional almond machinery manufacturer, in addition to almond shelling machine, we also have almond peeling machine, almond roasting machine, almond grinding machine, almond chopping machine,almond slicing machine and so on,which can meet the processing of various almond products.So if you have any questions about the almond shelling machine,then you can contact me for more information.

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