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Roasting Machine For Sunflower Seeds
Jun 25, 2018
Sunflower roasting machine only needs a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor to obtain the required high-temperature heat, the whole machine is safe and sanitary, environmental protection, no pollution, no exhaust emissions, ultra-low operating electricity costs, automatic operation without staff on duty, It is an energy-saving and environmental-friendly drying solution.

Principle of Sunflower roasting machine Introduction: Sunflower drying machine consists of convection fan with high temperature and humidity, control system, drying room and other professional drying system. The air energy heat pump roasting machine absorbs the heat from the air, works through the compressor, and turns into hot air under high temperature and high pressure. It evenly blows into the drying room through the convection fan, records the temperature and humidity through the sensors inside, and then performs the drying temperature and drying. Time control. When the sunflower is dried or reaches a certain temperature, the roasting machine automatically shuts down, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving, and the power consumption is only 1/4 of the heater; compared with burning coal, oil and gas drying equipment, it can save About 75% of operating costs.

Sunflower roasting machine advantages:
1. High-efficiency and energy-saving: You can absorb a large amount of heat in the air by only consuming a small amount of electric energy. Even drying, high efficiency. 2. Environmental pollution-free: Without any burning materials and emissions, it is in full compliance with food hygiene standards. Baked sunflowers meet export standards or large-scale supermarket hygiene standards. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.
3: comfortable and convenient, high degree of automation, intelligence: automatic temperature control device, 24-hour continuous drying operation.
4: safe and reliable operation: the entire system runs without any danger and is a safe and reliable fully enclosed drying system.
5: Long service life, low maintenance costs: It is based on the traditional air-conditioning technology developed, mature technology, stable performance, reliability, long service life;
6, easy to install: easy installation, demolition, small footprint, can be installed indoors, outside;

Sunflower roasting machine specifications: Sunflower roasting machine is a heat pump drying, this kind of heat pump drying is a kind of gentle drying method, close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of surface moisture is close to the internal moisture migration rate to the surface, so that the dried sunflower has good quality, good color and high product grade. The aromatic volatile materials obtained by ordinary drying methods have low retention and vitamins having poor heat resistance have low retention and large color changes.