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Non Fried Instant Noodles Manufacturing Plant|Dried Insatnt Noodles Making Machine

This non Fried noodles production line equipment can produce various folded noodles, such as wide and thin, also can produce square shape, round, oval, etc.

Introduction of Not Fried Instant Noodles Processing Equipment

Our factory design and manufacture this non Fried noodles production line equipment, which can produce various folded noodles, such as wide and thin, also can produce square shape, round, oval, etc. Production line equipment has stable performance, in addition to the roller, the rest of the food contact parts adopt stainless steel material, green, practical, accord with food hygiene requirements, mechanical and electrical integration is realized. 

Non Fried instant noodles production line uses the micro extruding technology and hot air drying process, that is hot air drying non Fried instant noodle machine.


Features of Non Fried Instant Noodles Manufacturing Plant

1. The whole production line has unique production process, innovative design, safe and reliable, beautiful layman, high degree of automation, is advanced environmental protection equipment among the present domestic instant noodles production equipment.

2. Reliable quality, good appearance, reasonable design, quick effect, suitable for small business of small and medium-sized production equipment. And have high degree of automation, advanced technology large and medium-sized equipment.

3. Instant noodles produced by the production line equipment have bright color, texture smooth, resistance to boiling. Drying time is longer, the fine organization.

4. In order to shorten the drying time and cooking time, non Fried instant noodles are fine. Oil content is less, so close to the dough, a delicate taste.


Machine name




Brine Mixer

2 set

Power: 1.5 kw
Pump: 0.75 kw
Capacity: 1000L/ set
The parts connect with water are made of stainless steel
Dimension: 1000*1000*2300 mm


Meter Supply Device

1 sets

Volume: 110 liters
With liquid level display 
Material: stainless steel
Pump: 0.75 kw
Dimension: 1000*600*2000 mm


Double Speed Dough mixer

2 set

Unit Power: 11/14 kw
Capacity: 250 kg/pot
Manually open door
Material: contact part is stainless steel and nylon pieces
Dimension: 3500*900*1100 mm


Disc Curing Machine

1 set

Power: 4kw
Size of pan diameter: 2000*410 mm
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
(Make sure the flour after mixing can be absorbed and mixed well)
Dimension: 2300*2000*1000 mm


Single Continuous Rolling Machine

1 set

Dough width: 650 mm
Power: 11+18.5=29.5 kw (frequency control)

10 sets steel roller,frame is made of steel structure(frequency control), double Hand Wheel +dough adjust

Diameter of roller: 395*1、φ300*2、φ248*2、φ216*2、φ180*2、φ162*1
Dimension: 9200*1350*1700 mm


Single-layer Steamed Noodles Machine

1 set

Length: 30 meter water sealing
Main motor power: 3 kw(frequency control)
Pan: 0.37kw*2
Water seal, mechanical lift door, stainless steel
Dimension: 3100*1200*1200 mm


Cutting and Folding Machine

1 set

Main power: 1.5kw
Starting shaft: 0.25 kw
wind blade: 0.9 kW * 2
2 times into row, with spray device,
Cutting blade: 52 times/min (can be adjustable)
Dimension: 5200*2000*1800 mm


Three layers drying machine

1 set

Main motor power: 2.2 kw*3 (frequen cy control)   Total length: 63 m
Frequency Control+fan: 5.5 kw*8
Net bandwidth 1.4m, outlet cooling fan 0.37kw * 3
Drying the three layer, the upper surface of the drying box (stainless steel frame + plastic case), two layer, three layer is a mesh belt drying (stainless steel mesh),
Note: the number of 1 sets of box frame is 800, 3 sets of boxes
stainless steel net
Dimension: 63000*1800*3100 mm


Air Cooling Device

1 set

Power: 1.1 kw
Fan power:0.37 kw*8 
Belt is made of stainless steel
Dimension: 7000*1800*2100 mm


Horizontal Conveyor 

1 set

Main drive 1.1 kw (variable frequency speed regulation)
Dimension: 2000*1800*1200 mm


Encasement Conveyor

2 sets

Power: 0.75 kw*2
(mechanical stepless speed regulation)
Length 10 meters
Panel stainless steel
Dimension: 10000*1100*600 mm


Electric control cabinet

One series

Using variable frequency control, photoelectric tracking
PLC program control
To achieve the main process of synchronization
Dimension: 750*400*2000 mm