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Steam Rice Noodle Roll Machine

This steam rice roll making machine is suitable for production rice noodles, rice roll, and size of rice noodles can be customized. Want more information, email to

Steamed rice roll making machine is a new generation of rice noodles machine, perfectly combining traditional craft with modern technology. This machine can produce good quality rice noodles, with high yield. The cooling machine can also be used to make the user easy to start a business and make a lot of money.
Steam Rice Roll Machine

Precautions for Operators when Using Automatic Steam Rice Roll Machine
1. Place rice roll machine in the horizontal position, especially the conveyor belt, otherwise the produced rice roll is not uniform.
2. To add water to a certain position, water level is too high will affect the quality of rice noodles, too low will damage the heating pipe, leads to leakage, note water after boiling don't run to the conveyor belt. At the same time, according to the water level of high and low to adjust the floating ball in the level of deputy tank location.
3. Open the heating switch, heat switch on delivery at the same time, adjust the position of the conveyor belt, don't let the running deviation, and sprinkle evenly with a warm towel on the conveyor belt. When the thermometer pointer to produce liangpi 100 ℃ to 110 ℃.
4. When making rice noodles, first pour the rice milk into the hopper, then turn on the switch of the variable speed motor. According to the thickness of the rice roll, the speed of the motor will be determined. The faster the rotation, the thicker the cold skin will be, otherwise the thinner.
5. The machine has an oil-coating device, which can be inserted directly into the second cloth bag to open the valve at the bottom of the oil cup (with high temperature oil). Open the fan according to the quality of the cold skin, and close the fan at the bottom of the cutter.
6. Do not use manual to prevent the skin from sticking before cooling.
7. After the work is complete, turn off the heat switch and turn off the conveyor belt switch after cleaning up the things on the conveyor belt.
Rice Noodle Roll Steaming Machine

After years of efforts, GELGOOG has occupied the market of steam rice roll machine and rice noodle making machine. Small rice noodle machine, cold skin machine and its derivative products have been sold all over the country to 30 provinces and cities, and exported to many countries and regions such as the United States and Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. More and more large enterprises and institutions canteens and restaurants have choose GELGOOG rice noodles machine.

Technical Parameter of Rice Roll Steaming Machine







120 kg/h

150 kg/h

250 kg/h

350 kg/h


0.55 kw

0.75 kw

0.75 kw

0.75 kw











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