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Cellophane Cigarette Wrappers

This cellophane cigarette overwrappers is ideal equipment for wrapping all kinds of boxes or regular objects, like cosmetics, cigarettes, perfume boxes, can customzie machine according to actual box size.

Application of Cellophane Cigarette Wrappers

This cellophane wrapper is a kind of cellophane box overwrapping machine, widely applicable to automatic film packaging various single boxed articles with a gold tear tape for easy opening, such as perfume box, medicine box, foodstuff, cosmetics, cigarettes packs, eraser, tea box, suagr box, stationery and audio-visual products.

Cellophane Cigarette Wrappers

Performance Characteristics of Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

1. The machine integrated with electrical, pneumatic, mechanical, working stable and reliable, three cams design is the newest innovative and had patent and CE approved.

2. Quality product with imported components, such as Omron temperature controller, NSK bearing. And all frame are made by SS 304.

3. Uses inverter to control the speed, so can be adjusted according to the operation need.

4. The mould replacement is easy, without dismantle drive chain, hopper, saving time greatly.

5. New type double safeguard construction, won’t broke machine parts for any incident.

6. One way hand wheel prevent from backward operation, and protect worker’s safety when the machine operates for still hand wheel.

7. New type dual cutting knife replace traditional single knife, so could use for very long time.

Cellophane Cigarette Wrapping Machine

This cellophane wrapper machine is widely used in medicine, health care product, health tonic, food, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD tape, poker, cigarettes etc., has anti-counterfeiting, moisture proof, improve product added value, product grades and product packaging quality function, is an ideal cassette 3d packaging equipment.

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