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Fully Automatic Cellophane Packaging Machine for 10 Cigarette Packs GGB-400A

This cellophane packing machine is suitable for wrapping 10 cigarette pack or medicines pack together,PLC control and touch screen operation, simple and easy.

Cellophane film packaging machine for 10 cigarette packs is widely applying with all kinds of box like product to be overwrap transparent film (with tear tape), such as medicine, food stuff, stationery, cosmetics, perfume, and audiovisual products, etc.. The machine could automatic feeding product, wrapping, heat sealing, counting, paste tear tape, finished product discharge, etc.

10 Cigarette Pack Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Features of 10 Cigarettes Pack Cellophane Wrapping Machine

1.PLC control and touch screen operation, simple and easy.

2.Uses inverter to control the speed, so could adjust according to the operation need.

3.Could connect with another machine to make a whole production line, save labor cost greatly.

4.The mould change easy, without dismantle drive chain, hopper, save time greatly.

5.Specially design for big size product.

Technical Paramater of Cigarette Pack Wrapping Machine





Packing size



380V 50-60Hz

Total power


Heating power