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Manual Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Products packed by manual cellophane wrapping machine has moisture-proof, dust-proof, prevent oil, security function.

Semi-automatic perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine or Manual Cellophane Overwrapping Machine is for conveying, wrapping and counting. Easy to change moulds for wrapping products with different size. This semi-automatic 3d packing machine is widely used for test paper, cosmetics, medicines, food, health care supplies, audio and video products, stationery, daily necessities, packing effect is the same to cigarette packing.

Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Main features of Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine

1. 3d packing has moisture-proof, dust-proof, prevent oil, security function.

2. Greatly improve the packaging yield and adornment effect, increase the market competitive power of packaging products, can make the sales soar, and improve the added value of products.

3. The price is low, stable operation, high reliability, almost without maintenance,. Replace simple, quick and convenient

4. Strong adaptability, one machine may complete the dozens of specifications of the packing box

5. The machine has compact structure, take up the space is small, the weight is light

Technical Parameter of Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine:



Wrapping material

BOPP heat sealing film

Packing speed


Packing size

L(80~300)*W(50~130)*H(10~90) mm


220V50HZ 3kw

Heating Power






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