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Automatic Liquid Filling Sealing Machine

This automatic liquid packing machine is suitable for packing water, bbq sauce, tomato paste, from filling to cutting automatically.

The automatic sauce packing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical products such as the liquid, paste automatic packaging, such as: shampoo, shower gel, face cream, seasoning oil, foliar fertilizer, chili sauce, tomato sauce, etc.

BBQ Sauce Packing Machine

Function Characteristics of Water Sachet Packing Machine|BBQ Sauce Filling Equipment: 

1, Equipped with safety protection, comply with the requirement of enterprise safety management. 

2, Use intelligent temperature controller, temperature control accurate, packing seal beautiful, flat and level. 

3, PLC servo system and pneumatic control system, a large display touch screen constitute drive control core; Maximize the control precision of the machine, the reliability and the intellectualized degree. 

4, The machine and the measurement configuration can automatically finish full packaging process, including measuring, feeding, bag filling, date printing, finished goods delivery, and automatic counting. 

5, Touch screen can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters, no need to reconfigure when change products. 

6, With fault display system, malfunction timely help troubleshooting. 

7, According to customer's demand, can produce pillow bags, hanging hole bag. 

8, Single belt transport membrane, smoothly and quickly, small friction, less wear. 

9, Can have all stainless steel type and carbon coating model for selection. 

10, This packing machine is suitable for packing chili sauce, BBQ sauce, hotpot condiment, water, etc.



Packing Speed

40-80 bags/min

Bag Size

W: 20-120mm


1.8 kw/220 v

Packing Film


Measure Range


Dia. of Rolling Paper

Less than 400 mm


350 kg