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Automatic Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine for Beverage

This automatic bottle shrink wrapping machine is a kind of automatic unmanned operation of the L type sealing and cutting machine.

This automatic bottle shrink wrapping machine is a kind of automatic unmanned operation of the L type sealing and cutting machine, widely used in mass production packaging line production, suitable for different width and height products. The L sealing cutting Shrink machine also has the function of contact , specially designed for packing small products. This machine consists of L type sealing cutting machine and shrink packing machine.

Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Sealing and Cutting Part

1, Sealing knife adopts DuPont Teflon coating dragon anti-sticking high-temperature alloy knife, seal will not crack, no coking and no smoke zero pollution. 

2, Equipped with imported photoelectric testing, each of a set of horizontal, vertical detecting, easy to switch to choose, for thin and small packaging, also can easily finish sealing. 

3, Automatic feeding, length can be adjusted through the combination of electric eye, and the timer. Equipped with induction motor, realizes waste automatic coiling. 

4, When packaging size is changed, it is easy to adjust, without changing the mold and the bag making machine. 

5, Different sizes of products combination packing can be done, to achieve promotion effect. 

6, Uses original Omron digital thermostat, inside PID function, sealing knife temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, can be arbitrarily set. Don't have to worry imprecise temperature damage products, for sealing knife itself has automatic protection function, effectively prevent false packaging. 

7, Sealing and cutting part is equipped with organic glass shield, with automatic alarm function, greatly improving the safety of the operator. 

8, A complete set of machine truly connected with production line of unmanned operation. 

9, Special designed film synchronous mechanism, which can correct film running deviation. 

10, We can add the easy tear mouth function according to the customer's requirements.

Shrinking Part

1. The advanced inner loop system design, high shrinkage effect, low consumption 

2. The stainless steel heating tube, long using time 

3. The activity roller conveyer (can be changed to belt type), speed is adjustable 

4. Suitable for PVC/PP/POF film thermal contraction

Automatic Sealing and Cutting Machine



Max Packing Size



220V 1.3KW 60HZ

Max Sealing Size


Packing speed





1700*900*1400 mm


320 kg

Heat shrinking Machine



Heating Power

8.5 kw

Max. Packing


Max Size of Packing chamber