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Automatic Coffee Powder Packaging Machine|Washing Powder Packing Machine

This automatic coffee powder packing machine is suitable for packing milk powder, spices, juice powder, high automation and easy operation.

Brief Introduction of Automatic Coffee Powder Packing Machine

This automatic coffee powder packing machine is our company's new research and development of computer-controlled automatic packing machine, all stainless steel structure, Meet the GMP requirements. Through the touch screen to set the machine will automatically complete filling, measuring, feeding, sealing, cutting, counting and other functions.

Automatic Coffee Powder Packing Machine

Application of Automatic Coffee Powder Packing Machine

Suitable for automatic measurement of powder materials packaging, such as: coffee powder, seasoning, fertilizers etc.

Performance of Washing Powder Packing Machine

* Production speed range:18-65 bags/minute, the error within 0.5mm.

* Automatic detection function: If not open bag or open bag is incomplete. Not feeding, not heat sealing.

* Safety device: When the working pressure is not normal or heating pipe failure, seasoning packing machine with alarm.

* Optional configuration coders, 1-3 row to fight batch number, shelf life.

* Condiment packing machine and material contact parts are made of stainless steel.

Technical Parameter of Automatic Powder Packing Machine



Bag Size Making

L: 40-180mm  
W: 40-150mm

Thickness of Packing Film


Diameter of Rolling Paper


Packing Speed

30-65 Bags/min



Measure Range

30-250 g