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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

This automatic powder packing machine is suitable for packaging milk powder, coffee powder, sugar, salt, etc, high packing speed, accurate filling. More details, email to

Packaging materials for Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

Powder packing machine can complete the measurement, bagging, filling, sealing, cutting, printing production date, cutting and tear. This machine is suitable for various kinds of powder, such as milk powder, flour, soybean milk powder, desiccant, pharmaceutical powder, sesame paste powder, strong bone powder, condiments, ganoderma powder, coffe powder, etc..

Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

Features of Automatic Powder Packing Machine

1. Advanced PLC control system, bilingual display screen in Chinese and English. High degree of automation, easy to use and easy to maintain;

2. Automatic completion of measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and counting, etc.;

3. Modular design of the whole machine, with strong universality, can achieve the purpose of multi-purpose by changing different metering devices, saving precious factory investment;

4. Adopting the step control system with high accuracy, the bag length can be changed without changing the parts, and the control of the bag speed can be realized by adjusting the stepless speed regulating mechanism within the rated range.

5. With the advanced cursor tracking system, the complete trademark pattern can be obtained when packaging materials with colored objects;

6. All contact with materials shall be made of high quality stainless steel to ensure that the materials are not contaminated during the working process, and the machine is clean and convenient, which completely satisfies the safety of GMP and QS food;

7. The electrical control part adopts the well-known brand electrical components to ensure the stable operation of the machine and achieve high efficiency and low failure mass production.

Powder Packing Machine Price

How to Order Powder Packaging Machine:

1) Customer send us an inquiry about this automatic powder packing machine.

2) Confirm machine type, packing material, packing speed, packing weight, order quantity, price, lead time, payment term etc.

3) Our sales send the Proforma Invoice with company seal.

4) Customer make the payment for deposit and send us Bank receipt.

5) Inform the clients that we have got the payment, and will arrange the production according to your request, inform the estimated time

6) Ready products photos will be sent to customers for approval.

7) Clients make payment for balance and Ship the goods .

8) Order is finished when you receive the goods .

9) Feedback to us about Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion, help us do better.

Technical Parameter of Automatic Powder Packaging Machine



Packing Speed

18-35Bags/min|40-65 Bags/min

Bag making Size

L: 40-320mm|W:   40-220mm


1.8 kw/220v

Thickness of Film

0.03-0.07 mm

Measuring Range



500 kg


980*1200*1900 mm

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