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Bottle Curry Powder Filling Machine

This semi automatic powder filling machine is suitable for packing curry powder, masala powder, milk powder and other powder into bottle, filling quantity can be adjusted. Price information, email to

This curry powder filling machine is the upgrading model for semi automatic powder filling machine, use digital ac servo system to replace the traditional stepper motor control method, 7 inch digital tube display and normal color touch screen instead of the original button type keyboard, using PLC to replace the original industrial microcomputer, the machine performance is more outstanding. Also can configure automatic feeding machine, conveyor, sealing machine and other equipment according to customer demand.

Curry Powder Filling Packing Machine

Features of Semi Automatic Curry Powder Filling Machine

1. The equipment is of high quality 304 stainless steel, conforming to GMP requirements;

2. PLC touch screen control system, full English interface, simple operation;

3. Servo system measurement, filling quantity and filling speed can be arbitrary adjustment, high precision.

4. It can automatically display the quantity of packaging, and can easily calculate the work load of the machine.

Video of Curry Powder Filling Machine

Application of Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine

The machine is suitable for food, medicine, chemical industry, metal industries packaging, such as packing various kinds of powder, powder, washing powder, glucose powder, milk powder, milk tea powder, pearl powder, chemical industry etc all kinds of powder.

Technical Parameter of Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine



Packaging materials

powder, flour

Weighing range


Filling accuracy

1% (different materials vary)

Filling speed

30-45 bags / min

Power supply

220v /50-60HZ

Machine size

3000 * 1060 * 2000mm

1, Before buying this powder packing machine, must communicate with customer service personnel in advance, to confirm the price, delivery time, delivery and after-sale problems, get consensus and then place the order later.

2, Export of wooden cases and shipping freight and installation services for export, shipping costs, please consult customer service staff.

3, Some quotation (quotation contains several machines or price and machine configuration related) although the first figure, but the actual price will be different, before the order, make sure both sides talks things over good delivery time and customer service personnel, communication and correct price later photographed, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

4, We also provide offline trade, our company can provide billing, training on-site installation and debugging, after-sales services, and the specific costs and store price is different, details could consulting the personnel of the service.

5. Our factory also have a professional non-standard customized team, which can contact our customer service staff if necessary.

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