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Milk Powder Filling Sealing Machine|Spices Powder Packing Machine

This spices powder packing machine can finish bag making, filling, sealing, cutting automatically, the packaging process is stable and reliable.

Application of Automatic Spices Powder Packing Machine

Apply to food, medicine, loose, non-cohesive, small granular or fine powder of chemical products automatic packing, such as soup powder, coffee powder, desiccant, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, peanut, salt, clean particles etc..

Automatic Milk Powder Packing Machine

Features of Sachet Milk Powder Packing Machine

1. Infinitely adjustable-speed: Packaging speed within a certain range can be stepless adjustment, matching with bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, the packaging process is stable and reliable.

2. Bag length can be set arbitrarily during rating scale, stepper motor driver, speed can be selected.

3. When packaging film has color location mark, bag making process can realize automatic photoelectric detection, positioning, sealing, cutting, guarantees the bag design complete.

4. With functions of self-diagnosis, troubleshooting tips.

5. Temperature control adopts high precision PID adjustment, has excellent heat sealing stability, and ensure the sealing quality of different materials.

6. Convenient operation and maintenance: intermittent has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.

7. Strong commonality: by changing different filling head can achieve the goal packing different material in one machine.

8. Automatic printing product batch number, can add easy tear, easy to use.

9. All use high quality components, stable quality, low noise, low fault rate and long service life.

Milk Powder Pouch Packing Machine

The automatic coffee powder packing machine has beautiful shape, all components contacting with the material are made of stainless steel and non-toxic corrosion plastic, accord with the requirement of food and pharmaceutical packaging (GMP). Especially suitable for food, medicine and chemical industry, etc.

Technical Parameter of Automatic Milk Powder Pouch Packing Machine



Packing Speed

18-35Bags/min|40-65 Bags/min

Bag making Size

L: 40-320mm|W: 40-220mm


1.8 kw/220v

Thickness of Film

0.03-0.07 mm

Measuring Range



500 kg


980*1200*1900 mm