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Address: No.100 of Shangdu road, Zhengdong New Disctrict Zhengzhou City Henan Province


  • Cone Machinery

    Cone Machinery

    Different shape and size of ice cream cones, pizza cones, egg tart shell can be customized, different capacity to meet different production requirement.
  • Peanut Butter Machinery

    Peanut Butter Machinery

    You can learn peanut roaster, cutter, peeler, and peanut butter production line, professional nuts processing machine.
  • Noodle Machinery

    Noodle Machinery

    Different machine for making instant noodles, rice noodles, stick noodles, just tell us your requirement.
  • Packing Machinery

    Packing Machinery

    Here lists some hot selling packing machine of our company, like powder packing machine, cellophane wrapping machine, etc.
  • Frying Machinery

    Frying Machinery

    Here mainly introduce frying machine, french fries machine, potato chips machine, different models for your selection.
  • Brittle Machinery

    Brittle Machinery

    For peanut or sesame brittle machine, here are semi automatic and fully automatic as your choice.
  • Woodworking Machinery

    Woodworking Machinery

    Our company specializes in manufacturing toothpick machine, ice cream stick machine, wood rounding machine.