Powder Stick Packing Filling Machine

The powder stick pack flling machine can be used for small dosing powder packing, such as milk powder, coffee powder, medicine powder, juice powder, etc.



Many milk powder, coffee, and fruit juice powders have convenient small packaging, our Powder Stick Packing Filling Machine can be used for small dose powder packaging. Our machines are fully functional. The raw material of the product meets the food contact standard. The screw machine volume makes our dosage more accurate and convenient. It also avoids cluttering the production environment. The smart touch screen can make the production process smoother and you can see the production progress clearly.



A. New European and American standard design, the part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel 304 material.

B. Taking into account the characteristics of the packaging materials and the filling accuracy, the measurement method adopts the screw measurement method, which is convenient and accurate.

C. The Powder Stick Packing Filling Machine can print the production batch number and date, etc.

D. The packaging material has no waste edges, reducing the waste of the coil material and reducing the production cost.

 powder stick pack filling machine factory


A. The touch screen of the Powder Stick Packing Filling Machine makes operation and parameter setting simple and fast, and also allows you to detect errors in time.

B. The length of the packaging bag can be adjusted online through the touch screen.

C. The vernier alignment device can set the pattern on the bag at the set position.

D. Automatically stop and alarm when the wrapping paper is used up (touch screen displays the cause of the alarm). The machine has a paper skin correction docking device to ensure that the replacement of the paper skin is convenient and fast

E. The sealing of the packaging bag adopts the principle of heating and pressing. The heating temperature of the horizontal and vertical sealing is independently adjustable, the temperature is displayed in real time, and the sealing temperature can be adjusted according to different packaging materials.

F. The number of qualified products and the total output of the shift are visually displayed on the touch screen.




Package material thickness:

 0.04-0.08 mm

Bag length range:


Bag width range:


Sealing width:


Packing speed:

 20-45 times / Min

Gas source:


 Power supply specification:

220V/380V 50/60HZ

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